Commander’s Action Line

Recently, I decided that I would like to gain membership in the Air Force club system. I was informed that the only way I can become a member was to accept an application for a credit card. I do not understand this. Why is an organization that is providing a morale service funneling business to a private banking organization as a prerequisite to obtain membership in a club system allowed to operate on a U.S. installation? And why is it mandatory to have a credit card to be a member?

In April of 1995 the Air Force implemented the current club card system at the recommendation of a task force that was conducted in 1986 and tested in the States at Air Force Materiel Command bases. Air Force services sought contractors to take over the in-house charge system that was being run on each individual Air Force base. The goal of the resulting club card system was to reduce accounting expenses by eliminating the in-house system, provide better service to members and provide more accurate and timely accounting data to our base morale, welfare and recreation accounting offices.

Bank One won the contract based on their ability to economically meet Air Force objectives. As a result, today’s club membership card offers many benefits and flexibilites that were not available before: the ability to transfer membership during PCS, to charge privileges at services activities while members are TDY, 24-hour toll-free account information, a credit history establishment and customer access to a wide variety of special programs such as travel discounts, specialized products and services and a frequent flyer program.

If you have any questions concerning the club card system, please call the Ramstein Enlisted Club at 480-2333 or 06371-47-2333 or the Officers’ Club at 480-2824 or 06371-47-2824.