Commander’s Action Line

With all of the added emphasis on Combat Fitness, why are neither of the Ramstein gyms open 24 hours? I work swing shifts as many other people do, and it is very difficult, if not impossible, to make it to the gym after work while still meeting mission requirements.

Currently, I have to be there by 10 p.m. to get a decent workout before the gym closes at 11 p.m. If the gym stayed open an extra hour, it would give me a better opportunity to work out. If it isn’t an option to make it a 24-hour gym, then what about extending its hours to either midnight or 1 a.m.? I think this change would help night shift workers utilize the gym.

Thank you for your commitment to Combat Fitness. We have four fitness centers in the KMC and there are only a limited number of people to man them, especially with 435th Services Squadron commitment to deployments. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to expand hours of operation without degrading the programming and services provided.

Always striving to best meet customer demand, our fitness center staff did extend hours of operation at the Ramstein Northside Fitness Center last year while the southside was closed to accommodate the aeromedical staging facility. However, low customer counts during the late hours didn’t justify continuing the practice.

We are exploring other options, such as allowing 24-hour access to the cardio area at southside fitness center but we need to finalize investment requirements and operating policies prior to making a final decision.

There are alternatives to consider that may work for you. One option would be to look into the possibility of working out before your shift when the gym is available as many people do, including me.

If this is not feasible, another option would be to see if your squadron is able to use one of our new Combat Fitness funded unit fitness kits created for the 435th Air Base Wing and the 86th Airlift Wing. These kits contain a variety of items squadrons can use at their own facilities. I expect the kits will be here within two months.

Finally, commanders can request to fund, operate and maintain their own mini-fitness center. Our fitness center manager, Steve Selvey, can provide details and may be reached at 480-7623.