Commander’s Action Line

The road leading toward Mackenbach (from the east gate) is in dire need of repair and has been so for many years. Civil engineer personnel inform me that the Air Force is responsible for all maintenance and upkeep of that road. If so, is the Air Force planning any repairs? If the German authorities are responsible, what are their repair plans?

I share your concern over the poor condition of the Mackenbach road. However, the Air Force does not own the Mackenbach road. The road is a state highway, and therefore we cannot spend U.S. funds to maintain, resurface or build a new roadway. After a great deal of effort, recently we worked out some ownership and responsibility issues with the state government, and they are now planning a major rehabilitation project starting in 2006. This will result in a much safer road surface for everyone.

Until this happens though, I remind all KMC drivers there is a 50-kilometer-per-hour speed limit on the road and to exercise extreme caution while driving on it.