Commander’s Action Line

Brig. Gen. Rosanne Bailey
435th Air Base Wing commander

Is it possible to have the green signals at the intersection of Kisling and Lincoln changed to add signal arrows so the proper right of way can be established? At this intersection, north and south bound traffic get separate lights, but there is no indication that you have the right of way when making a left turn. This creates a very confusing situation when vehicles yield to “oncoming traffic” that actually has a red light. A person yielding is actually correctly following USAFE Pamphlet 31-206, but the intersection is improperly marked. Adding green arrow signals would clarify the right of way situation, but still maintain safety and traffic flow.

Yes, the traffic light is a bit confusing and improvements are planned. We recently updated the light timing sequence to meet German traffic laws and to improve traffic flow. Since then, our traffic engineer has been working with the traffic light contractor to reprogram the traffic control unit to further ease traffic congestion.
Reprogramming was completed and now drivers have protected green left turn arrows on southbound Lincoln Ave. The green turn arrows were installed to reduce the potential for confusion at this intersection. Thank you for taking the time to make this observation and voice your suggestion.