Vehicle registration is made easier in KMC

Wesley Greene
435th Security Forces Squadron

One of our customers’ greatest frustrations when it comes time to renew their vehicle registrations is having their vehicle fail the safety inspection and realizing their registrations will expire before repairs can be completed.

Many people don’t know their vehicle can be inspected and their registration can be renewed 75 days prior to expiration.

Having a vehicle inspected early can give people time for parts to arrive, repairs to be completed, the vehicle to be re-inspected and registration renewed. If a vehicle does not pass the safety inspection and the registration cannot be renewed by the expiration date, the vehicle owner will have to pay an additional $10 late fee.

Furthermore, if the owner cannot renew the registration within 30 days of expiration, he or she will be required to register the vehicle as non-operational and turn in the license plates.

There is also a misconception among some of our customers that by renewing registrations early, they will lose time on the new registration. The fact is people have one year from the current expiration date to register.

The process is fairly simple — at the 75-day point prior to expiration people can take their vehicles through the vehicle safety inspection. People should have received a renewal and inspection form from the U.S. Army Europe Registry of Motor Vehicles.

If people who have not received a renewal or inspection form from USAREUR, the AE Form 190-1AA USAREUR Vehicle registration application can be used. The form is available at Kapaun Vehicle Registration in Bldg. 2806, Ramstein Pass and Registration in Bldg. 2111, or the Ramstein/Kapaun Vehicle Inspection stations. It is also available on the Ramstein or USAREUR Web sites at or


When vehicles pass the safety inspection, people have two options available. If the vehicle was inspected at the Kapaun inspection station, there is now a registration clerk located within the inspection station to process the renewal. People can also drop off their renewals at the annual renewals drop off box.

People should sign a stamped application form, attach a $15 check or money order and drop it off at one of the following locations: Ramstein in Bldg. 2136 and Ramstein Pass and Registration in Room 140, Bldg. 2111, at Kapaun Air Station in Bldg. 2807 and Vehicle Registration in Bldg. 2806, at the front desk. Registration and decals will be ready for pickup in 72 hours.

Registrations dropped off at Ramstein can be picked up at Pass and Registration, Room 140, in Bldg. 2111. Applications dropped off at Kapaun can be picked up at Vehicle Registration in Bldg. 2806.

To streamline the process, a future initiative may involve customers dropping off vehicle safety inspection and registration paperwork and having completed paperwork mailed back to them.

If time happens to be an issue, the vehicle registration office can process customers the same day as long as no inspection issues delay the process.