Commander’s Action Line

***image1***Staff Sgt. Kevin Jiles, 569th U.S. Forces Police Squadron (right), briefs the 435th Air Base Wing Commander Brig. Gen. Rosanne Bailey and 435th Air Base Wing Command Chief Master Sgt. Timothy Carroll on Draegar Alcohol Testing procedures during a night immersion visit Feb. 1.

As we all know, parking lots are prime real-estate these days. Are there any plans to re-paint out of the way areas that are too small for a car and designate them as motorcycle parking? Would it be possible, for right now, to allow motorcycles to park in white striped areas in the corners of parking lots to prevent us having to take up a full parking space, as long as we do not impede the flow of traffic, cause a safety hazard, or impede fire or rescue crews?
I’m not asking for something right up front, and I’m sure all motorcyclists feel the same way.

As discussed in a recent KA article, parking on Ramstein is problematic and we’re working the issue hard. Thanks for your suggestion on motorcycle parking, but in accordance with German law, motorists are prohibited from parking on striped or zigzig lines at any time. With that said, our civil engineers are reexamining various parking lots throughout the KMC to reconfigure and remark them to improve motorcycle parking. Look for changes this spring when we begin a major campaign to repaint the striping on our installations. I appreciate everyone’s full compliance with traffic rules to enhance safety throughout our community. Thanks for your feedback.