Winter weather reporting procedures

***image1***As the weather gets colder, KMC drivers should be aware of how road conditions are assessed and reported, and the impact winter weather has on school and work center schedules.
Information sources:
The primary sources for this information are American Forces Network Kaiserslautern, television and radio.
By calling 480-COLD or 479-TALK, commercial 06371-47-2653 or 06371-46-8255, members can receive the latest information.
Television reports appear regularly as a message crawler on the bottom of the television screen during severe weather.
Other sources of information include the KMC Commander’s Access (TV) Channel, which is only available to on-base residents, and the Ramstein Web page, which provides additional information on hazardous conditions:
Residents are advised not to call base command post, law enforcement desks or AFN for weather related information. These organizations are busy coordinating critical weather-related activities.
For more information on winter weather conditions review the KMC Instruction 10-201, Early Release and Late Reporting for Inclement Weather Procedures available at https://, then click on “Ramstein Publications.”