Commander’s Action Line

Q Last week I was driving toward the West Gate to
leave the base. It was almost dark. I was coming around the curve.
There was a bicyclist riding in the right lane bottlenecking traffic.
There was a bicycle path parallel to the road just on the other side of
the curb. The rider was wearing a yellow reflective belt. However,
because the rider was bent over, the belt was barely visible. This
created an unsafe situation for the rider, a traffic hazard for the
motorists, and a traffic slow-down.  I realize that a bicycle is a
vehicle and has certain rights on the road. However, if there is a
bicycle path parallel to the road, shouldn’t the bicyclist be required
to use it, if only for his own safety?  I would sure hate to hear
that a bicyclist on base was seriously injured or killed on the road,
when use of an adjacent bicycle path could have saved him.

A Thank you for your question. All personnel
(except local nationals) must comply with KMCI 31-204. Department of
Defense personnel (dependents, U.S. contractors, retirees, etc.) must
use the available bike path.
All DOD personnel who ride bicycles on or off the installation must
wear approved safety helmets and reflective belts. They must not wear
headphones, earphones, or listening devices, and must comply with all
traffic laws. They must use bicycle paths when available, and should
travel on the extreme right in the direction of traffic. Also, bicycles
must be equipped with headlamp, rear reflectors, light and warning bell
if operated at night or during limited visibility.