Commander’s Action Line

Combat Proud crews removed most of the outdoor benches from Ramstein Family Housing. When asked why, the workers responded that an order had been given that all outdoor furniture must be on concrete pads, not placed directly on the grass. I can’t imagine the base is going to pour little concrete pads in front of each stairwell, so I fear my building may have just permanently lost our only three benches. This seems an incredible waste. Those all-weather plastic benches were less than a year old and were a welcome replacement for the broken-down wooden benches we used to have. They provided a great public space for us to get to know our neighbors and facilitated parental supervision of children playing outside. Will we get our benches back?

We as a community are continually striving to promote a neat and professional appearance in our housing, administrative and industrial areas. Benches and tables haphazardly located on grass or dirt present unsightly clutter that is not compatible with base appearance standards. We are removing benches from housing areas that cannot be moved to a nearby existing pad. In most cases, this is only temporary. We have projects to construct new pads in the front and rear areas of our stairwell units not affected by future development plans. This initiative is ongoing, and by the end of summer, benches that were temporarily removed will be returned to the new pads. Some pads will be in locations that allow parents to better oversee play areas or enjoy a barbecue dinner outdoors.