Construction to begin on Landstuhl access gate

Christine June
415th Base Support Battalion

***image1***Construction on Gate 3, the inbound access to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, begins March 8 and is scheduled to be completed in December.
Once construction is completed, Gate 3 will have three, instead of the current two, inbound lanes for quicker access for privately owned vehicles and trucks, according to Norbert Kurz, security officer, 415th Base Support Battalion.
“We will keep two inbound lanes open during the construction project so we do not anticipate any delays getting onto the post,” said Mr. Kurz. “However, we do ask that everyone allow a few extra minutes during the first few weeks of the construction project.
“If we do have an emergency where traffic is backed up to the intersection, we can open gates 4 and 5, located on the opposite sides of Gate 2 on Langwiedener Strasse,” said the 415th security officer.
While construction is going on, trucks will come into the gate on the right lane, and POVs will come in on the left lane. Trucks will be searched 100 yards from the current tent location on the right side, and POVs will be searched on the left side, directly across from the truck search tent, the area which now leads to the housing area, according to Mr. Kurz.
The 415th BSB security officer said that truck and POV drivers need to follow the signs depicting the proper lane. These signs will be posted prior to crossing the autobahn bridge coming onto LRMC.
“We will process visitors off post during the construction at the old guard shack,” said Mr. Kurz. “They will need to get into the left lane and park in the area on the left side, outside the gate.”
Besides the three traffic lanes, the renovated gate will also have a new visitor’s center and a large vehicle search area.
“We are going to reconfigure all of our access control points in Kaiserslautern, and the gates are designed to positively control vehicles until they are identified,” said Jeff Crisp, plans and operations officer, 415th BSB.
All gates are designed or in the design phase. According to Mr. Crisp, most are funded and some contracts are awarded and will be done this year. Kleber Kaserne’s gates 3 and 4 are complete.
Other access control points scheduled to be completed this year are Kirchberg Gate, Panzer Kaserne gates 1 and 2, Weilerbach Storage Area Gate, General Support Center Europe Gate and all three gates on Pulaski Barracks.
Mr. Crisp said the rest of the Army installation gates will also be redone, but just not this year. These gates are Rhine Ordnance Barracks gates 1 and 2, all three gates on Miesau Army depot, Pirmasens Gate, Daenner Kaserne Gate and LRMC Gate 2.