Commander’s Action line

Col. Don

Q I was told that the recycle centers on base are just for on-base residents. Is this true?    

A Thank you for your interest in our base recycling center. Indeed, the base recycle centers are in place for the on-base recyclable material (including housing and work areas) at a cost to the wing of more than $8 million annually.

For U.S. DOD civilian and military employees residing off-base, recycling costs should be included in your living quarter’s allowance and basic housing allowance respectively because recycling in Germany is mandatory.

Paying these recycling costs is non-negotiable, and in most cases you pay it as part of your leasing agreement costs. If we allowed off-base residents to utilize the recycling center, the government would in essence pay for the same service twice.
Additionally, the on-base recycle center operation is based on tonnage of material processed. Allowing off-base materials would increase the costs proportionally.

However, we realize that PCS time creates a challenge between your recycling needs and your community’s collection schedules. Therefore, I have asked the civil engineers managing our recycle centers to develop an exception to the policy,
specifically for our employees presenting PCS orders as justification of need to use the on-base recycle center. 

I thank the professionals who do great work at our recycling centers, as well as all of you who utilize this resource and who help keep our base looking sharp.

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