Commander’s Action Line

Col. Don

QI have noticed over the last few months that the Ramstein Yard Sale site has exploded on the Internet. I know that you are not allowed to sell items through the Military Postal System through the big Internet auction sites, but I have received conflicting information about using the MPS for sending items. Before I start listing, what is the MPS policy on buying and selling items?

AA great question and thank you for asking! In this situation, Military Postal Service users are not authorized to use their Intra/Inter-Theater Delivery Service privileges to sell merchandise. The delivery service allows MPS users an easy means for postage-free delivery of parcels and personal correspondence without
having to go through the U.S. Postal Service. IDS is intended to be used
as a quality of life service for our military members serving around the globe and therefore should never be used for personal financial gain.

Keep in mind however, you can pay the USPS rate to ship items to
whatever destination, but that option is not considered MPS, which is a
free service.

To quote the DOD postal regulation 4525.6M, “Sending or receiving items through the IDS to advertise home businesses, to sell merchandise or to conduct business or for commercial purposes is prohibited. This resale prohibition applies whether sale is to authorized MPS users or not and regardless of the beneficiary of the proceeds, i.e., charitable organizations or non-appropriated welfare fund activities.”

Our Military Post Offices are aware of several local auction-style Web sites and have interfaced with them to get these types of questions listed on their Web site or in their FAQ section. Still, it is up to the individual to be aware that the sending of purchased items using MPS is unauthorized. If abused, there is a
possibility that the individual’s postal privileges could be revoked.

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