UCI prep reminds KMC of Best Practice program

With the Unit Compliance Inspection around the corner, Team Ramstein Airmen continue to prepare to ensure the wings are meeting all the requirements for policy and procedural guidelines and Air Force Instructions. As we continue to identify ways to improve our programs, personnel are reminded to look for ways to also highlight superior performers and processes. 

One way to specifically recognize such outstanding achievement is through an AF Best Practice. The UCI provides a great opportunity for utilization of this program.

As units evaluate and validate their programs against checklist items, thriving process applications come to light as potential Best Practice submissions.  Best Practice submissions are not exclusively related to Unit Inspection as work processes should be reviewed and improved upon throughout the year.

What is important to note is that one unit’s submission goes a long way to improving mission capability and the quality of life of Airmen, civilians and family members.

 “During inspection preparation, we recognize our programs are often at their peak performance. However, the goal is to carry this compliance level year round,” said Lt. Col. Lance Wikoff, Ramstein UCI team lead. “We should constantly be evaluating and submitting items as we notice stellar results, not waiting for the next inspection.”

 Best Practices can be identified by IG members, organizational excellence assessors, auditors, awards reviewers, supervisors or anyone authorized by the
organization’s leadership to share this information outside the organization.

 According to the regulation, a Best Practice is defined as a superior method or innovative practice that contributes to improved performance of the process. This designation of “best” may be based on one or more factors, to include, but not limited to:

• Expert review of the practice by either functional or process experts (e.g., assessment, award, AF functional office or auditing team)

• Clearly superior results when compared to like organizations

• Results are “breakthrough” in efficiency/effectiveness – could be a “first”

• Multiple sources, usually experts, agree the practice is superior

• The practice employs the latest applicable technology

• A high number of customers report their satisfaction and become loyal, repeat customers

 Once a Best Practice is identified, it must be validated through the Manpower and Organization Flight, or in cases of an inspection, through the IG team. 

Best Practices submitted from the wing or equivalent level are submitted to the MAJCOM level for processing and validation, including submission to the Air Force Best Practice Clearinghouse within 30 days of receipt.

 At Ramstein, it’s a process that the 435th Mission Support Squadron Manpower and Organization Flight is well versed in. Just in the first quarter of this fiscal year, the flight has coordinated on two Best Practices for Ramstein: the MPF “First Stop” and the “Commander’s Personnel Guide,” both from the 435th MSS Military Personnel Flight. And currently up for review is the 435th Aerospace Medical Squadron’s Health Promotion Flight’s “Total Fit and Fitness QA program.”

For more information on how to submit or what programs you can benchmark from, contact the 435th MSS Manpower and Organization Flight or check out the Best Practice clearinghouse through the AF Portal at https://wwwd.my.af.mil/afknprod/ASPs/CoP/OpenCoP.asp?Filter=AF-DP-00-30.

(Information provided by Ramstein Public Affairs)