Commander’s Action Line

I received a ticket for not using a left turn signal at an intersection where I could only turn left. The turn was at the exit of the Vogelweh BX across from the fire department. There is a STOP sign there and a closed gate on the right. Across the street is a parking lot for the fire department. Motorists can only turn left.
My first concern is the use of the SF time to write the ticket. If a person can only turn left why write the ticket? Don’t we want the SF monitoring more important areas such as speeding, running STOP signs, or even force protection issues?
My second concern is actually a request. Can we put up a priority road sign indicating traffic flow to the left or maybe even just a YIELD at sign this intersection? There doesn’t seem much point in all traffic stopping.

Thank you for the opportunity to explain how German traffic law is applied on our installations. Your citation was issued during a Security Forces traffic selective – enforcement of an area of high interest or safety concern.
German law and local directives require motorists to use appropriate turn signals when changing lanes or direction of travel, such as exiting a traffic circle. Looking directly at the Fire Department from the stop sign, there is a small road that runs to the side of the Fire Department and is used by Fire Department personnel to access their parking lot. Therefore, it is necessary to signal to potential on-coming traffic your intention of either turning left or entering into that parking lot.
A priority road sign would not preclude you from signaling either. USAREUR driving guidelines indicate that a turn signal is still needed when turning left on a priority road. Additionally, when the gate is open, a priority road sign coming out of the BX parking lot would be unsafe.
Finally, for any motorist who would like to challenge an issued traffic ticket, you can find the rebuttal procedures in KMCI 31-204 par. 3.2 or contact the 569th U.S. Forces Police Squadron Operations Staff at DSN 489-6902.
From my own observations, I know you’re not the only one who didn’t realize a signal is required at that intersection and when exiting traffic circles. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to explain this application of our German and local traffic rules.