Community mentors make time for KMC students

Peggy Hoffman-Schmidt
Kaiserslautern District

Last school year, many of the students in the KMC enjoyed the assistance of military and family member mentors.
Different schools have different programs organized for providing assistance to students.
Because of the success of this program, schools are asking that interested community members contact the school office of their choice to offer their assistance. In the elementary grades, mentors are needed to coach students in reading and mathematics. In the middle and high schools, the needs include organizational skills, coaching students in homework for subject areas as well as specific assistance in reading and mathematics.
Students who would benefit most from this are students who need assistance with organizational skills, math practice, projects, study skills and doing homework.
Community members, who would like to volunteer their time and talents for the students, can contact the local school’s office and volunteer their services.
Individual willingness to give time and talents will touch the lives of students, thereby touching the most valuable resource in the country, children who are the future.