Corpus Christi Day is Thursday

by Petra Lessoing
86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Thursday is a religious holiday, “Fronleichnam,” or Corpus Christi Day. Roman-Catholics in Germany and Europe celebrate the church fest, which is observed 10 days after Pentecost. In some, but not all, German states, Fronleichnam is an official holiday. Stores, banks and official institutions will be closed in Rheinland-Pfalz, Saarland, Baden-Württemberg, Hessen, Bayern, in some communities in Saxony and Thüringen, and in areas with a mainly Catholic population.

The word Fronleichnam derives from old German and corresponds to the Latin word “Corpus Domini,” or body of the Lord.

In 1264, Pope Urban IV ordered the entire Catholic Church to observe the feast of Corpus Christi.

The fest commemorates Christ’s last supper the day before he died. It honors the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist.

Today, the church holiday is a colorful event that includes solemn processions through the streets, which are decorated with flowers, little birch trees and church banners. Four altars will be set up on the procession route to symbolize the four stops on Christ’s way to the cross, known as the “Stations of the Cross.”

A priest will lead the procession and carry the Holy of Holies under a baldachin. Then, the ministrants, communion children of that year and worshippers will follow. At the altars, the procession will stop and participants will say a prayer.

The procession will be accompanied by singing and usually ends at a church or a public place, where an open-air worship service will be conducted.

Trash pick up changes
The trash pick up in some villages of the KMC will move due to the Corpus Christi holiday, which Germans observe Thursday:
From Tuesday to Monday for biodegradable waste in Bruchmühlbach, Vogelbach, Lambsborn, Martinshöhe, Gerhardsbrunn, Langwieden, Elschbach and Buchholz; and for non-recyclable waste and yellow bags in Mackenbach.
From Wednesday to Tuesday for biodegradable waste in Queidersbach, Schopp, Krickenbach, Linden, Landstuhl-City and Hauptstuhl.
From Wednesday to Tuesday for non-recyclable waste in Hochspeyer, Fischbach and Frankenstein.
From Thursday to Wednesday for non-recyclable waste in Mehlbach, Olsbrücken, Frankelbach, Hirschhorn, Sulzbachtal and Katzweiler. In these villages, the pick up of yellow bags is scheduled for June 24 and 25.
From Thursday to Wednesday for non-recyclable waste in Niederkirchen, Heimkirchen, Morbach, Schallodenbach, Wörsbach, Heiligenmoschel and Schneckenhausen. In these villages, the pick up of yellow bags is scheduled for June 24 and 25.
From Thursday to Wednesday for biodegradable waste in Reichenbach-Steegen, Albersbach, Fockenberg-Limbach, Kollweiler; and for non-recyclable  waste in Eulenbis. The pick up pf yellow bags in Eulenbis will be June 24.
From Thursday to Wednesday for biodegradable waste in Katzenbach, Niedermohr, Hütschenhausen, Spesbach, Kottweiler-Schwanden and Reuschbach.
From Thursday to June 24 for paper in Reichenbach-Steegen, Alsbersbach, Fockenberg-Limbach and Kollweiler.
From June 24 to June 25 for paper in Alsenborn, Neuhemsbach, Sembach and Baalborn. The pick up of biodegradable waste will not move.

(Courtesy of Kaiserslautern County Administration office)