Court Martial Roundup

Airman guilty of conspiracy to commit arson and aggravated arson
On June 9, Amn. Jason E. Estell of the 723rd Air Mobility Squadron was
tried by a general court-martial for conspiracy to commit arson,
aggravated arson, simple arson and obstruction of justice. He
elected to be tried by a panel of military officers, and pled not
guilty to all charges and specifications.
After a two-day trial, the panel of officers found Airman Estell guilty of conspiracy to commit arson and aggravated arson.

The offenses occurred Sept. 29, 2005 in Bldg. 2119 on Ramstein Air
Base. The accused conspired with Airman 1st Class David Hill, who
had previously been convicted at a general court-martial for the same
offenses, to set a fire in the first floor storage room of Bldg. 2119,
the LRS dormitory.

The resultant fire caused nearly $18,000 of damage to Bldg. 2119, and
endangered the lives of 80 Airmen residing in the dorms, who were
forced to evacuate. After finding Airman Estell guilty, the panel of
officers sentenced the accused to two months restriction on base, three
months hard labor without confinement, reduction in rank to E-1,
forfeiture of $100 per month for twelve months and a reprimand.

His accomplice in the fire had been sentenced to nine months
confinement, total forfeitures of all pay and allowances for nine
months, and a fine of $5,000.

Special court-martial
On June 19, Airman 1st Class Nickolas L. Barringer of the 21st
Operational Weather Squadron was tried by a special court-martial for
driving a vehicle while impaired by marijuana, wrongful use,
possession,introduction of marijuana onto a military base, wrongful
use, distribution and introduction of psilocybin mushrooms onto a
military base.

He elected to be tried by military judge alone and pled guilty to all
charges and specifications. The military judge found Airman Barringer
guilty of all the charges and specifications and sentenced him to
reduction to the grade of E-1, 10 months confinement, and a bad conduct
discharge. (Courtesy of the 435th Air Base Wing Legal Office)