Customer College ‘Seal of Excellence’ program kicks off

Kate Schmidt
KMC Customer College

Customer College is moving into the future with a new program designed to recognize world-class customer service in units throughout the Kaiserslautern Military Community. The program, called Customer College Seal of Excellence, will allow leaders and customer service providers within work groups, no smaller than a work center and no larger than a squadron, to receive recognition for their commitment to exceptional customer service.  With more than 80 percent of targeted personnel Customer College trained, this is the next logical step in validating and recognizing great customer service.

Beginning this month, the college staff will nominate the first set of work groups to be considered for the award. They will visit individual work centers to see first hand how the customer service training and newly acquired skills are being utilized.

During the nomination process, the customer college staff will conduct site visits where they can interact with alumni to see how beneficial the training was to them.

Graduates will have the opportunity to share ideas to improve the effectiveness of our classroom training by better understanding the individual barriers units must eliminate to provide exceptional service. 

Through staff visits, the college staff will collaborate with units to improve service and customer satisfaction.
Nominated units will be evaluated on the following criteria:
-Meeting or exceeding goals for personnel trained and in place by Customer College in both Phase I and Phase II courses.
-Receiving above satisfactory rating using a composite of customer surveys or opinion meter scores.
-Demonstrating customer service improvements through an external and internal feedback program.  If necessary, developing an internal process improvement team consisting of personnel with direct involvement with the service and document effective resolution of problems.
-Possessing a comprehensive customer service provider recognition program.
-Receiving Customer College mystery shop reports for organization and show leadership consideration of suggested recommendations. 

If necessary, develop a process improvement team to identify and implement corrections.
The first set of units will be identified by the college and will be reviewed from January to April.  Seals of Excellence will be presented by the wing commander. The first presentations will be in May.
For more information on this award program, please call 489-7686.