Days of Remembrance’ honor Holocaust victims

Gen. David D. McKiernan
Commanding general, 7th Army and USAREUR

To ensure everyone knows the meaning of the Holocaust and never forgets what happened during that tragic era, the United States Congress established an annual observance called the Days of Remembrance. This year, the Days of Remembrance will be observed from Monday to April 30. The theme is “Children in Crisis: Voices From the Holocaust.” Of the six million European Jews who died in the Holocaust more than one million of them were children. Children were among the most vulnerable victims and were often the first casualties. Their voices are a potent reminder of their suffering and the need to address the dangers we face throughout the world today. This is especially true for Soldiers who may be called on to fight oppression. Because we all have a tendency to forget, we must make a conscious effort to remember those – especially the children – who lost their lives during the Holocaust. We can do this by taking part in the activities planned throughout our units and our communities during the upcoming Days of Remembrance.