Dedicated employees recognized by USAMMCE

The U.S. Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe, located at Husterhöhkaserne Pirmasens, honored 81 German local nationals and U.S. civilian employees July 3.  
The ceremony was held in USAMMCE office premises for those employees who have served the U.S. military for 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years. Col. Kelvin Owens, assisted by the Lord Mayor of Pirmasens Dr. Matheis, expressed his appreciation of these employees.

***image1***“I am honored to recognize the efforts and longevity of these outstanding USAMMCE employees,” he said. “I am proud to work with each of them and am thankful for the outstanding roles they play as part of Team USAMMCE.” 

Philip Assaf was recognized for 45 years of service. The following employees were recognized for 40 years of service: Otto Busch, Hans Kabus, Waltraud Kieborz-Weis and Josef Scheubert.

These employees were recognized for 35 years of service: Gilbert Fohr, Roland Huther, Anita Jörg, Raymond Knöpffler, Harry Metzger, Roger Muller, Christa Niski, Liesel Treter, Günter Walnsch, Manfred Weissler and Peter Zimmer. The following employees were recognized for 30 years of service: Joseph K. Chatman Jr.,
Ursula Chatman, Wolfgang Dierlich, Helmut Drechsler, Karl-Peter Hess, Petra Hüther, Karl-Heinz Klein, Peter Müller, Günter Tengler, Gerold Triem and Annegret Wiebe. 

These employees were recognized for 25 years of service: Ursula Burkey, Doris Crittenden, Frederick Crockrell, Wilfried Glaubitz, Rudolf Hartenstein, Gerhard
Horbach, Helmut Hornung, Manfred Hüther, Ekkehard Jennewein, Irmgard Lang, Brigitte Mack, Brigitte Müller, Stefanie Nothhof, Robert Poole, Volker Schäfer, Wolfgang Stehle, Stefan Wegmann, Jutta Weidler and Karin Ziegner.

The following employees did not attend: Kurt Elsner, Friedel Ernst, Gerhard Frohnhöfer, Wolfgang Schmitt, Joachim Schmitt, Ulrich Trogler, Luzie Trogler-Guardanapo and Inge Weis (40 years); Helmut Hanke, Renate Otto, Hans Schürer and Harald Weber (35 years); Richard Carpenter, Uwe Dittrich, Peter Endler, Olga Gradl, Alfons Hartmann, Rainer Jacobi, Karl-Heinz Joa, Heidi Nickola, Anneli Rothhaar and Peter Vogt (30 years); Günter Abendroth, Ruth Ayers, Johannes Bereswill, Gerhard Drechsler, Uwe Gundacker, Jutta Herold, Paul Hingst, Gottfried Otto, Michael Peter, Annette Preuss, Ursula Weber, Roswitha Weidig and Hubertus Weis (25 years).

(Courtesy of U.S. Army Medical Materiel Center, Europe)