Dependent dental care at Sembach

***image1***I just got off the phone to get an appointment for my daughter at the Sembach Dental Clinic. First they told me there are no openings right now, which is not good, but then they asked if my husband is active-duty Air Force. I told them, no, we are retired Army. As I tried to continue I was stopped and told because we are retired, I have to keep calling for open or available space or have to come in and sit and wait until my daughter can be seen. I’m working and don’t have time to sit there and wait until it is convenient for them to see my child. This is not fair. We need help the same way active duty people do. I refuse to be treated different because we are retired. We have the right to make an appointment if we need one.

Thank you for your concern about your daughter’s oral health. We are glad to explain why she can not be appointed for routine care.

Priority of care for dental treatment is determined by the Department of Defense and Air Force policy. It is the mission of the Air Force Dental Corps to provide oral health for active duty military members keeping them ready for war, they receive first priority.

Dependents of active duty members, while stationed at an overseas location, receive second priority. The goal is to maintain their oral health while they are overseas. Far down the priority list is space available dental care for retirees and their dependents.

Currently we do not have space available to appoint your daughter. Dental squadron manning authorizations are based on the number of active duty Air Force members. A few additional authorizations are gained to maintain active duty family members’ oral health. During the summer months, many dental officers rotate back to the United States, making access to care more difficult. If an individual chooses to stay in an overseas location after their active duty commitment, we recommend you fully integrate yourself into the community and establish comprehensive dental care from a local provider.