Sembach family housing is Combat Proud

Col. Mike Lewis
38th Combat Support Wing vice commander

***image1***My wife and I recently moved into Sembach Housing in July. We’re small town folks and have already become enamored with the overall atmosphere and pride in the community.

I’m extremely impressed with the way the 435th Air Base Wing, 431st Air Base Group, Sembach tenant organizations and housing residents have taken up the Combat Proud banner and made this a model community for small bases.

Don’t get me wrong, we have a ways to go, but we’re looking better every day and it’s because of those who live and work here. During our recent yard/building/balcony/organization of the month competition, picking a winner was difficult with all the superb choices!

While our force strength is not as hefty as Ramstein, what we have is expertly managed and constantly adjusted to cater to the Sembach community’s changing needs; they will serve us well into the future.

We have our own contingent of security forces dedicated to Sembach, provided courtesy of the 569th U.S. Forces Police Squadron; German Bundeswehr manning our gate; and our own fire station provided by the 435th.

Since arriving three years ago, I’ve been hearing rumors of Sembach’s closure. The truth is USAFE has looked to make efficiencies all over. The only current plan for anything significant closing on Sembach is family housing.
All of Sembach’s housing is considered surplus due to its overall age and condition, new construction at Ramstein and Vogelweh and the local economy’s ability to provide quality rental homes.

Department of Defense policy dictates liquidation of surplus overseas housing by fiscal year 2007, consequently Sembach’s family housing will close through attrition in the next two years.

Selected organizations will also relocate throughout the next several years as new facilities are built on Ramstein and Vogelweh.

For my 800-plus housing neighbors, and the multitude of personnel working on Sembach, I look forward to seeing you out and about picking up the occasional piece of trash, gardening, painting or working some other self-help project. Sembach Proud is Combat Proud and I’m proud to be a part of it!