Diverse, dedicated team keeps Army rolling along

Cindy Quinn
General Support Center

***image1***I am extremely proud to be a member of the Kaiserslautern team in which the Military, Department of the Army civilians and local national employees all share the goal of ensuring that our deployed Soldiers have the most dependable vehicles and equipment, as well as the necessary supplies and services.

Many of our supply and maintenance activities are manned by local national employees. It is gratifying to observe the dedication and professionalism that they exhibit in ensuring that our Soldiers have everything they could possibly need to successfully meet mission requirements.

While some may not philosophically agree with the grounds for our involvement in Iraq, they do not let that interfere with their commitment.

The extent to which our local national workforce operates out of our fixed facilities is unprecedented. Our workforce has shown the willingness to go anywhere and do whatever it takes to satisfy mission requirements.

The General Support Center – Europe workforce has supported deployments and redeployments by providing maintenance support at the ports and at the Deployment Processing Center to ensure that no vehicle is left behind because of mechanical reasons.

The work force has also deployed to Kuwait to inspect vehicles so that those requiring general support maintenance will be sent directly to the GSC-E.

The fact that we are certified with the International Organization for Standardization attests to the quality of our products and services, but that would be meaningless if our workforce members didn’t pour their hearts and souls into the support of our Soldiers.

We all realize the danger our Soldiers confront. Whether we are repairing equipment, adding armor, adding gun mounts, pushing supplies or providing other logistics services, we do so in the hopes that our professional workmanship and dedication to their well-being will greatly contribute to the Soldiers’ safety.

I am likewise impressed with the local community residents who ensure that the military families are well taken care of when Soldiers deploy. It is very heartwarming to know that the friendship that has been forged during the past 50 years is as strong as it ever was. We are living in one of the most beautiful and interesting countries in the world, and we are supporting the best soldiers in the U.S. Army.
It doesn’t get any better than this.