DODDS requires new shots

Parents registering their children in Department of Defense Dependent
Schools for the 2006-2007 school year, which begins Monday, must meet
additional immunization requirements.

In coordination with military medical commands, DODDS-Europe has added
three required inoculations for students attending its schools.

The three are: meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MCV4); tetanus and
diphtheria toxoids and acellular pertussis vaccine (TDAP – adolescent
preparation); and hepatitis A.

The updated version of the immunizations form is available at The additional immunizations are
age-specific and not all students will require all of the additional

Military medical clinics in Europe have indicated they are in short supply of MCV4.

A grace period has been granted to ensure that all DODDS students age
11 and up can complete the vaccinations. Children will be given
extensions to meet the requirement, and will attend school until the
vaccine is available through their community medical facility.

“DODDS-E schools will work through this with their local clinics,” said DODDS-E Director Diana J. Ohman.

“No student should be denied access to school because they have not had
this vaccination,” Ms. Ohman said. “All schools should hear from the
clinics when the vaccine arrives, and then parents need to be notified
when it is available.”

The Medical Materiel Office in Mainz-Kastel, is ordering adequate
quantities of the vaccine, according to Percy Brazier of Defense
Logistics Agency-Europe.

The guidelines for military dependent children follow the guidelines
from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and are based upon
recommendations from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

These are minimum requirements. Additional requirements may be
determined by the military medical commands based upon needs in
specific locations.

Parents can contact their child’s school nurse for information and guidance.

(Courtesy of DODDS-Europe)