DODEA announces curriculum goals

Peggy Hoffman-Schmidt
Kaiserslautern District

***image1***Dr. Joseph Tafoya, Department of Defense Educational Activity schools director, said that the major goals for the coming 2004/2005 school year are to continue the thrust for Math Matters, as well as DODEA Reads.

Additionally, the high schools will continue working on the reforms which include Algebra and Geometry labs, as well as reading and English Language Arts labs.

A newly designed 10th grade integrated world history and world literature course will be implemented. Students taking this rigorous course will have two periods in a block schedule devoted to world history and world literature.

The professional and technical studies classes which have been enhanced in the high schools are another part of the high school initiative.

This year there will be a thrust for special education, working diligently with programs that interface with regular education.
READ 180, an intervention reading program with a solid research base of success, will be implemented in every elementary school, using the models the Kaiserslautern District already has in place at Kaiserslautern Elementary School and Vogelweh Elementary School, as well as Smith Elementary School and Wetzel Elementary School in the Baumholder community.

READ 180 has been in all of the high schools for two years and our middle schools for one year.

DODEA has adopted new science curriculum standards, which provide the basis for science instruction in our schools.

These new standards may be viewed on the DODEA Web page at instruction/curriculum/New%20Standards/By%20Subject/Science_PK-12.doc.

This is a pre-implementation year in science and teachers will be receiving training on both the standards and the newly adopted textbooks.