Dog owners must follow regulations

Courtesy of Weilerbach Office of Public Order
Photo by Fnsy /

The Weilerbach  Office of Public Order wants to remind dog owners of the danger prevention ordinance that regulates the walking of dogs inside and outside of towns.

Dog owners must be physically able to walk dogs and must know how to walk them safely. Furthermore they must keep their dogs on a leash while walking them on public streets and facilities as well as in housing areas.  In all other areas, dogs must be automatically put on a leash when other people approach.

Additionally, anyone walking dogs must remove the dog’s feces in public places and on sidewalks. Respective bags are available at the Weilerbach Administration Office, Rummelstrasse 15.

Furthermore it is forbidden to take dogs to children’s playgrounds or to let them take a bath in public fountains, ponds and water basins.

Dogs must be secured on private properties so they cannot escape and cause danger to motorists, pedestrians and themselves.

Violations of the danger prevention ordinance are considered administrative offenses and can be punished with fines up to € 5,000.