Dog owners must know rules, quiet hours to avoid complaints

The Ramstein-Miesenbach Office of Public Order keeps receiving complaints about dog owners who walk their dogs unleashed.

City officials now want to remind dog owners that there are several ordinances that regulate dogs within the city. Violations may be punished by fines up to € 5,000. Dog owners must keep their dogs on a leash while walking them on public streets in building areas.  In all other areas, dogs must be automatically put on a leash when other people approach.  

Also, recently there has been an increase of dog dirt on sidewalks, playgrounds and other public areas like parks. This is not only irresponsible in view of children, it also is a big annoyance for residents who are obliged to clean their sidewalks and for city workers who take care of parks and public places.  Dog owners are asked to “clean up” after their dogs.

They are also required to ensure that their dogs’ barking does not disturb their neighbors. During quiet hours – 1 to 3 p.m. (siesta time) and 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. (night’s rest), dog owners must ensure that neighbors are not disturbed by barking, whining or howling. Outside these hours, dog owners must ensure that dog noises do not last longer than 10 consecutive minutes (or more than 30 minutes cumulatively per day). If necessary to ensure that a dog does not disturb neighbors, owners may have to keep dogs inside if they cannot control the dog’s barking. (Courtesy of Ramstein-Miesenbach City Administration)