Don’t let unattended bags become suspicious packages

In today’s environment, we are all wary of packages left unattended whose owners cannot be located or which appear to be out of place. Terrorists throughout the world have used explosive devices deposited in public areas to destroy property, cause serious injuries and  disrupt the daily lives of citizens.
Recently, Ramstein has experienced an increase in the reporting of suspicious packages. Thankfully, none of them have been the result of an intended threat to the installation.

While it continues to be very important that any package or object which appears suspicious or out of place be reported to the Security Forces Control Center in a timely manner, there are certain guidelines to use when determining a course of action in handling these situations.    

Before you contact the Security Forces Control Center, ask personnel in the immediate area if the package or object is theirs or whether they observed how the object got there. Without moving or opening the object, closely inspect the exterior to see if there are labels or tags which might indicate ownership. If so, take the information down so this can be passed to authorities to attempt to contact the owner.

Do not allow additional personnel access to the immediate area. If there is someone else present, direct them to go through the area and see if they can determine the owner. If at any time you believe your safety to be in question, initiate evacuation of the area and contact the authorities.

To help our community avoid committing extensive manpower and resources to resolve unintended “suspicious” packages, talk to your co-workers and family members about their responsibility to secure their belongings and never leave items unattended in public areas. Encourage placing identification tags on backpacks, gym bags and briefcases.

At the same time, continue to be aware of your surroundings, and, if you do determine an item is suspicious, contact the Security Forces Control Center immediately at 06371-47-2050. Be a force multiplier in the war against terrorism by helping us keep our community safe. (Courtesy of the 435th ABWAntiterrorism/Force Protection Office)