New KMC tobacco policy unveiled

Karen Knupp
Contributing Writer

Col. Richard Johnston, 86th Airlift Wing and KMC  Commander, recently signed policy letter No. 28 governing tobacco use in the KMC. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that federal employees and members of the public are not subject to the harmful effects of secondhand smoke. Tobacco use is inconsistent with healthy lifestyles, physical fitness, appropriate military image and ultimate mission readiness.

The KMC policy adds more local specificity to AFI 40-102, the Air Force instruction on tobacco use. This policy is in effect immediately for all federal buildings, GOVs, aircraft and all facilities in the KMC. The facilities not affected by the policy letter are the German, Belgian and Canadian Canteens, Kazabra Club, Armstrong’s, Landstuhl Combined Club and the Oasis Club.

Tobacco use is not permitted in common areas of multiple family housing, all unaccompanied quarters, dormitory rooms and transient billets. Common areas are defined as any space within a building that is common to unrelated occupants and/or visitors.

Designated smoking areas are prohibited within 25 feet from common points of ingress and/or egress of all federal buildings and will not be located in areas commonly used by nonsmokers or close to air intake ducts, doors or windows.  
Squadron commanders may designate outdoor tobacco use areas, which are reasonably accessible to employees. Tobacco use areas must be marked with a “Designated Tobacco Use Area” sign. Smokers are responsible for extinguishing their tobacco materials in appropriate butt cans. Smoking while walking in uniform is prohibited.

The sale of tobacco from vending machines is strictly prohibited on KMC installations. Existing contracts for tobacco vending machines located in canteens will be reviewed and shall be terminated on the earliest possible date. Patrons must be 18 years old or older to purchase any tobacco product.

The tobacco use policy applies to all military members, civilian employees of the federal government, contract employees, and all other non-Department of Defense personnel on all KMC installations. Failure to comply with this policy may subject the offender to a variety of penalties depending on the nature of the violation, status of the offender and other factors.

For tobacco cessation classes or more information on how to quit, call the Ramstein Health and Wellness Center at 480-HAWC or 06371-47-4292.