Exercise care, caution when driving at LRMC

Courtesy of LRMC Public Affairs

There have been several near accidents recently at one of Landstuhl Regional Medical Center’s busiest parking lots and an exit gate.

According to Harry Raith, LRMC safety manager, drivers continue to make illegal left turns from Parking Lot “E,” located near Bldg. 3766, despite two road signs and a solid white line.

Military and security police will observe the exit and will ticket violators, Mr. Raith said.

There have been several near collisions between vehicles on the installation near Gate 4 and vehicles driving toward the autobahn entrance.

Mr. Raith said motorists leaving the city of Landstuhl are driving above the posted 50 kph speed limit. 

Local police will patrol the area near the gate, he said.

Because of the speeding vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists using Gate 4 should use the marked crosswalks about 100 meters away from the gate toward the autobahn entrance, he said. Drivers and pedestrians should use extreme caution in those areas.