Installation security is no joke

Courtesy of the 435th Mission Support Group

We are reminded every day of the importance of protecting American resources, particularly our most valuable resource: our people. Therefore, it is very disheartening to discover the mindless actions of those in the community who willingly endanger the safety of everyone on base.

A recent string of mischievous and malicious behavior by Department of Defense-sponsored individuals has increased the threat to the installation and has forced security forces personnel to focus their attention away from their primary role as base defenders to community policing behind the schools.

Willful damage to Ramstein perimeter fences is considered destruction of government property and anyone discovered cutting or damaging any portion of the perimeter fence may be prosecuted by German or U.S. authorities as appropriate.

In addition to possible prosecution, other consequences for such damage could be severe, and may include early return of dependents or curtailment of the sponsor’s assignment, and/or permanent banishment from all U.S. military installations and facilities within Europe. The offender and/or their sponsor will also be responsible to pay for damages caused to government property.

While security forces personnel routinely conduct surveillance of the perimeter fence, it is necessary for all community members to stay vigilant. Sponsors must realize they are responsible for the actions of their dependents. Take time to talk with your dependents about the importance of following proper entry procedures.

If you observe any suspicious activity in and around Ramstein, immediately contact the 435th Security Forces Control Center at 112 (on base) or call 06371-47-112.