Explore your own backyard with Your Tours

The area around the KMC has an amazing amount of history to be explored.

So many people in the KMC travel great distances to get their fix of European culture when it is right on their doorsteps. Why not look for some alternatives to the standard places of interest? Instead of the Rhine, why not try the Mosel? This river is far more scenic and less spoiled than its big brother. Or visit Trittenheim for a cruise and some wine tasting.

Less than an hour’s travel from Kaiserslautern, you can find the European Culture Park in Bliesbrück-Reinheim – 10,000 years of history in one location. You can travel door-to-door to visit this location, gain admission to the park and museums and take a two-hour guided tour for only €25 a person!

Take the tour “American traces in Homburg” and discover how much the American nation has in common with Germany. For those with an interest in military history, there is the Maginot Line, the massive fortification designed to protect France from German aggression.

Why not try a trip to a city like Karlsruhe? The palace there is amazing and the shopping is first-class!

In these times of recession, we all have to budget more carefully. Time spent in Europe is a great opportunity, but you don’t have to travel to far-flung destinations. You don’t have to forgo your European experience. History and great places to visit are right on our doorsteps.

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