L’Arcata Restaurant

Since Mr. Bakii took over L‘Arcata Restaurant at the end of 2006, it has become one of Kaiserslautern’s famous insiders’ tips among fans of fine Italian cuisine.

The restaurant’s beautiful courtyard, set in seclusion in downtown Kaiserslautern, is used as a terrace in the warm months of the year.

You can indulge in a fabulous meal and enjoy the sunshine at the same time; it’s a little Italian island in the middle of a buzzing city.

Every Sunday since mid-March, the L’Arcata Restaurant has offered a special lunch buffet that includes a variety of warm and cold dishes that give you a real taste of Italian cuisine.

Apart from the typical Italian pasta and pizza dishes, L’Arcata takes pride in offering fresh fish and seasonal specialties throughout the year.

As an Italian tradition for Easter time, you can choose from special lamb and fish creations that will make your taste buds jump for joy.

If you are looking to spend a very special time, reserve your table today.