Family Support Center financial classes

Basic investing
An introductory examination of basic investing tools and structures designed to motivate and educate potential investors.

ABCs of PCSing
A class designed to cover the unique financial aspects of relocation in
the military. It focuses on military members and their families in the
process of moving to a new installation.

Budgeting for debt free living
This class gives members the information and skills to project, monitor
and control income and spending. Covers methods designed to reduce debt

Bundles for Babies
This class covers financial considerations for expectant parents and focuses on budget changes.

Checkbook management
Instruction covers various ways to reconcile financial accounts and the costs of neglecting them.

Credit management
Detailed explanation of credit scoring, the roles of credit bureaus, and how to manage your credit.

This class informs military members entering military service on or
after 1 Aug. 1986 of the career status bonus/REDUX retirement plan
option. It is designed to provide information for an informed
retirement decision.

Common Cents
This program outlines and discusses the top 10 steps to a solid financial plan.

Financial health
This program explores common financial stages throughout life. A
timeline for typical financial decisions are made and different
strategies you can use to ensure your life-long financial health.
First-term officer’s course
Designed to cover the money cycle, information on financial scams, and
investing vehicles that boost spending power for lifetime goals.

German bills
Introduces German bills and various ways to pay them so you can choose
one that matches your financial style. An outline of German bills and
list of commonly used phrases are provided.

Homebuying in Germany
Thinking of buying a home in Germany? This class will provide tips
about German financing, notary public costs, insurance, closing
procedures and more.

Homebuying in the U.S.
If you are a first-time home buyer returning to the U.S., this class
can help. Learn what to looks for and what you need to do in the buying

Making your money matter
This program is to educate E-4s and below coming to their first station on  basic money management issues.

Planning for your future
Discover how to ensure your financial plan is ready for various
investment vehicles. Learn what investments to start with and how to
build a solid investment base.

Thrift Savings Plan
Explains the military TSP in detail and provides information and referrals.

Transition assistance
This program provides information about important financial areas affecting service members transitioning out of the military.

For information on these classes and other financial learning opportunities contact the Family Support Center at 480-5900.