Fines are charged for not turning on headlights

***image1***While most motorists in the north and east of Europe must drive with their headlights on even during the day, in the south and west there are few regulations.

A regulation regarding headlights exists in 20 European countries. According to the German automobile club ADAC, those who don’t turn on their lights during the day must pay fines of up to €200.

These are the fines in the following countries:
Denmark: €70
Finland: €50
Italy: starting at €35
Croatia: about €40
Norway: about €190
Austria: starting at €15
Poland: about €52
Russia: up to about €200
Sweden: about €55
Slovakia: about €54
Slovenia: about €40
Czech Republic: about €18
Hungary: about €40

Since driving with lights on in Bulgaria, France, Switzerland and Germany is only recommended, drivers don’t have to pay fines. In 17 European countries the light regulation applies on all streets, but in Italy, Russia and Hungary it is only valid on highways and on streets out of town. In Slovenia, the regulation applies from the middle of October until the middle of March.
(Information provided by ADAC)