Flag Football gets underway

Airman 1st Class Edward Drescher
Kaiserslautern American

***image1***The intramural flag football season got kicked off last week with 435th CS(A) and 431st CES opening things up on Aug. 29.
435th CS took the game with an 18-12 victory.

The following games on Aug. 29 were a 33-14 romp by U.RSS over 1st
CBCS, a 19-7 victory by 435th MDG over U.OWS, a 25-12 victory by 86th
MXS over 735th CES, a 35-2 blowout by 569th USFPS over AAFES and an
18-12 win by U.CSS over 435th MUNS.

The action continued on Aug. 30 with U.A2 beating 435th SVS 14-7 in the
opening game at Ramstein. The following games at Ramstein were a 20-7
win by 435th CS(B) over 435th CES and a 20-6 win by 435th SFSEG over
86th AMS.

The Aug. 30 games at Vogelweh were and 8-6 win by Det 1 over 38th CTS,
a 14-7 win by 426th IOS over 435th CS(C) and a 27-19 win by 86th AES
over 435th VRS.

Highlight games on Aug. 31 included a close 14-13 victory by 435th MUNS
over 435th CS(A), an exciting 13-12 victory by 435th LRS over 435th MDG
and a 20-0 shutout win by 86th MXS over 431st CES.

Last weeks action closed right before Labor Day weekend.

Some highlight game from Sept. 1 were a 56-0 romp by 435CS(B) over 38th CTS and a 33-0 blowout by 86th AES over 86th AMS.

The season continued this week and the season will run into the last week of October.