Flower Power: Visit the Zweibrücken Rose Garden

by Nicole Karsch-Meibom
Contributing writer

“A sweeter flower did Nature ne’er put forth, nor fairer garden yet was never known.”  

— “The Rose,” by William Browne.

William Browne must have been to the Rose Garden in Zweibrücken. What better place is there to visit after a long cold winter than a park full of blooming roses? On May 1, the gates open to this picturesque area with romantic pavilions and little ponds all dedicated to the queen of flowers.

Zweibrücken is a delightful little town some 55 kilometers away from Kaiserslautern that, despite its size, offers something unique and exquisite — the rose garden. The history of Zweibrücken’s famous landmark began in 1912 with the decision to create an open air rose display. Today, it is a 50,000-square-meter oasis of nature and beauty with 60,000 roses and more than 2,000 different varieties and species. Furthermore, a 2.5-kilometer path through the park leads to the romantic Wild Rose Garden, teaching about the history of rose growing and displaying ancient types of wild Rosaceae long forgotten elsewhere.

The rose garden, however, is not only a botanic space but hosts a multitude of cultural events in this beautiful environment.

On May 15, popular tunes from the golden ’20s and ’30s played by the Nostalgia Orchestra mark the beginning of this year’s concert season. The sounds of country music mingle with the delightful scent of roses on May 29 when the “Picnic in the park” series begins.

More picnic dates: the French German chamber symphony orchestra Friedrichsthal performs on June 23, Suite 16 plays pop, swing and musical melodies and it’s jazz time on Aug. 28 with Jazz Avenue.

Garden lovers will be delighted June 4 and 5 when the Rose and Garden Fair takes place with more than 70 vendors. The year’s highlight will be from June 23 to June 26 during the peak time of blossoming. In a sea of ambrosial flowers you can embark on a jazz summer night, a festival of thousand lights and an oriental night.
The party culminates with the enthronement of the new queen of roses. To savor summertime, the Saarland State Orchestra performs on Sept. 4 and the autumn garden market on Oct. 1 and 2 highlights the end of the season.

The poet William Browne of Tavistock, Great Britain, lived from 1588 to 1643. It was not for him to experience the beauty of Zweibrücken’s Rose Garden. But for you, it’s the perfect time. Starting in May, opening hours are from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. General entry costs €4 for adults, and €1.20 for children 6 to 17 years old. Families and groups also pay less, and there are special ticket prices during events.

To find the rose garden, enter “Rosengartenstraße 50” into your navigation system. The park is located in the middle of the town.

For more information, call 06332/871-451 or 871-471 or send an e-mail to tourist@zweibruecken.de. You can also check out the garden’s website at