Free Professional Hockey Tickets

by Larry Taylor
A4, Lead Journalist

The Army, Air Force, Adler Alliance (A4) has distributed over 600 professional hockey tickets to military members and their families during the current 2010/2011 hockey season.  

Sports fans within the Mannheim, Heidelberg, KMC, and Wiesbaden communities have enjoyed numerous live professional hockey games free of charge thanks to A4 and the Mannheim Adler.

The Mannheim Adler, a top rated professional ice hockey team, currently play in the newly built SAP Arena in Mannheim. This pro team consists of both North American and German players, many of whom have played in the NHL. 

Currently on the roster, the Adler have nine previous NHL players and one currently on loan from the Florida Panthers. In addition, the Adler have a number of German national players, all of which adds for a rich blend of style and talent.

A4 co-founder and DODDs teacher, Ken Robinson, formed a partnership with the Adler during the end of the 2009/2010 season. The objective was simple – make the sport of hockey accessible throughout the various military communities. 

Since that time, A4 has grown in size and has established four independent community A4 chapters, each of which are authorized to receive complementary tickets.

Chapter membership is limited to military members and their families, DoD civilians and DoD contractors. Professional hockey is only one aspect of A4’s overall mission. A4 members and staff are actively involved in amateur, youth and military hockey. 

Last month, USAFE Sports and Fitness Center requested A4 to host the 2011 USAFE Ice Hockey Championships on their website. A4 will continue to host and be known as the unofficial “official” site for USAFE hockey.

Finding information about local clubs and organizations can also be a challenge. A4 has addressed this issue by supplying contact information for each military community within Germany.

Information about youth, military and men’s teams are provided on the site, as well as inline and public skating venues. Additionally, A4 has provided all the important hockey terms and translations necessary to help members integrate within the German programs. If you would like to be a member of the Army, Air Force Adler Alliance, you can register online at 

We are currently looking for active members who would like to serve as sports photographers, sports journalists, and event coordinators.  
If you are interested to participate in one of these capacities, please contact A4 at