Garden Fair in Kaiserslautern needs residents to sponsor watering cans

***image1***In cooperation with Kaiserslautern residents, the Garden Fair Kaiserslautern wants to create a “watering can garden” in the ash-tree grove next to the Kaiserslautern-west train station. The garden fair company takes on the planning and organization, buying new watering cans and asking local residents to “adopt” the cans. The cans are made of galvanized steel and hold 10 liters. The price per watering can is €15. They will receive tags with the names of the donors, get mounted on a stick and integrated into the grove. It then looks like ghost hands water the trees.

“With this idea we want to tie residents into the garden fair. Whoever donates a watering can, soon will discover his or her can between the trees,” said garden fair manager Thomas Zinssmeister.

Sunday from 2 to 5 p.m. an activity day takes place in the ash-tree grove, where interested residents will get informed about the new garden. “It is possible to buy watering cans then. With photos we will show visitors how the watering can garden might look,” said Mr. Zinssmeister.

The garden fair company accepts orders under its hotline 0631-71007-00.
As soon as enough watering cans are available, garden fair employees will start the installation. The official inauguration of the new garden is 4 p.m. Aug. 28. (Courtesy of Garden Fair Company Kaisers-lautern)