German plates available

Tech. Sgt. Steve Swanson
569th U.S. Forces Police Squadron

U.S. Army, Europe Headquarters is now allowing the KMC Vehicle Registration on Kapaun to issue German “KL” plates before the customer’s annual expiration.

The previous HQ USAREUR policy only allowed swapping plates when the vehicle’s registration expired. Customers may now come to vehicle registration anytime, regardless of expiration, and swap out their “AD” or “HK” plates for new “KL” plates.

Using German plates offers force protection benefits by allowing members of the military community to better blend in with locals.

Another benefit is that customers may now come into vehicle registration during the slower winter and spring months to receive their new “KL” plates instead of having to wait until the busy summer months. February through April are traditionally among the slower months at Vehicle Registration with an average wait time of 15 minutes, which translates into much less wait time for the customer.

To register early, a vehicle owner must have a year left remaining on station, a current vehicle inspection conducted within the last 30 days, and $30 for a one-year registration or $60 for a two-year registration.

The two-year registration only applies to vehicle models from 2002 to the present, and one-year registrations are available for vehicle models from 2002 and earlier. All fees are payable to USAREUR by check, money order or credit card.

A new annual renewal registration cycle will be established once the customer renews a registration and receives new plates. The new registration period will start on the date the plates are swapped out and expire one or two years following the swap-out date.

All customers may also come to Vehicle Registration up to 75 days prior to their expiration date, reregister their vehicle, receive new “KL” plates and retain their current expiration date.

If a registration expires on June 16 for instance, an individual may come to Vehicle Registration as early as April 1 (75 days prior) to reregister a vehicle and will still retain the June 16 expiration date for 2008 or 2009.

Visit for information, forms and documents.  Additional details and appointments are available by contacting Vehicle Registration at 489-7542 or 0631-536-7542.