German Polizei Corner

Driving in fog:

German Polizei explain how to stay safe while driving in fog:

• At the first indication of fog, motorists should turn on their headlights and taillights, not just the running lights in the front.

• Drivers should not rely on their automatic lights. Some might turn on too late or not at all.

• Motorist should only turn on their rear fog lamps when visibility is less than 50 meters. The red rear light shines 30 times brighter than taillights and can blind motorists driving behind them. If visibility is less than 50 meters, motorists must not drive faster than 50 kph. Fog density can be estimated by the distance of the safety poles on the side of the road. The poles on the right side always have rectangular reflectors, and those on the left have two round reflectors. On regular roads, the distance between two poles is 25 meters and on the autobahn it’s 50 meters.

• Drivers with additional fog lights will be able to see better. High beams have the opposite effect: the water drops in the fog reflect the dazzling light, and the driver can blind himself with the high beams.