German Polizei Corner

In the last three years, there was an average of about 100 break-ins in the Westpfalz region in July and August. To avoid becoming a part of these statistics, German Polizei ask people leaving for a vacation to obey the following tips:

• Close all windows and doors. Especially the ones on the bottom floor, in the basement and on top floors that can be accessed over balconies or spurs.

• Ask a neighbor or friend to check the house, and empty the mailbox regularly. It’s best to move the rollladens up and down and to turn lights on from time to time.

• Residents shouldn’t place information about their vacation such as where they are going and for how long on social media. Likewise, they should not leave such a message on their answering machine.

• Leave valuables in a safe location, mark them and establish an inventory listing. Add photos in color to the listing and store in a safe spot.

• Don’t leave spare keys in the backyard or under the door mat.