German Polizei Corner

Safe Driving
Safe driving is the act of letting the other drivers around you predict what you
will do.

Using your turn signals is not difficult, and it’s generally required by law whenever you make a turn or change lanes. Using turn signals helps prevent most accidents from happening.

Use a turn signal every time you perform a turn. Make sure to set your turn signal a few seconds ahead of the turn you want to make. When performing a turn, signal first, look around and then perform your turn.

You’ll give others more time to notice you. Someone may even make way for you.  You’ll warn drivers who you don’t see (like those in your blind spot) what you are going to do.     

Remember the specific regulation for traffic circles: Do not set the turn signal when driving into a traffic circle, but do set the turn signal always when turning off the traffic circle.

Drive carefully for an accident-free year in 2012.