German Polizei Corner: Traffic violations

Traffic violations
When a motor vehicle is caught speeding, tailgating or running red lights by radar on a German official traffic road, two types of documents may be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle.

Warning (Verwarnung) — sent when the fine is less than €40.
Questionnaire (Anhörung) — sent when the fine is €40 or more or when there are unpaid warning tickets.

If you pay the fine for a warning, further steps are not required. Unpaid warnings will convert to penalty orders. With the questionnaire, you get the chance to make a statement concerning the alleged traffic violation. It is required that you provide the German authorities with the requested information.

If you were not the driver of the offending vehicle, add the name, address, date and place of birth (if available) of the driver and sign the form.

Note: Whenever a vehicle is moving in a public traffic area, the driver (not the owner) is ultimately responsible for any traffic violations committed and subsequently faces the consequences. These consequences include paying the fine, getting points assessed to the driver’s license and a suspension of the driver’s license

After the questionnaire is filled out by the driver admitting fault for the violation, the penalty order will be served by the appropriate office (legal office for Air Force, unit commander for Army).

If, after a certain time, you do nothing or the responsible person does not agree they were the driver, the Polizei will continue with further investigations.

Police checks
After receiving an increased number of complaints by Steinwenden residents, German Polizei is conducting traffic controls on the field path between the Weltersbach cemetery and the Autokino Ramstein-Miesenbach. Apparently, as a shortcut, motorists keep using this path although it is forbidden. On Tuesday, Polizei fined 11 cars, two quads and one motor scooter. Visitors of the cemetery and walkers don’t understand why motorists are using the field path instead of the regular county road.