German students visit LEMS

Cindy Donohue
Contributing writer

***image1***The staff at Landstuhl Elementary and Middle School increased by 17 from Jan. 16 to 25. During this time, eleventh-graders from Landstuhl’s Sickingen Gymnasium spent their days at Landstuhl rather than in their own classrooms. The 17 highly-motivated students contributed to the Landstuhl learning environment in a variety of ways. They worked with middle school foreign language students, evaluated and displayed projects done for the school’s Cultural Arts Fair and helped kindergarten students with art projects.

The German students came to  LEMS for orientation Jan. 10. They met the teachers with whom they would work and filled out a questionnaire to help determine how they would like to spend their time working at Landstuhl. Some of the Sickingen students wanted to conduct interviews for a project at their school while others said they looked forward to an exciting learning experience based on the comments of their schoolmates who had previously participated in the program. The partnership between Sickingen Gynmasium and Landstuhl is now in its 13th year.