Get one step closer to ‘Delicious Abs’

by Joanne Coley
86th Services Squadron

The word “delicious” always comes with a cost. The cost is one hour of hard sweating and a grunting workout that puts those in shape to shame. This workout at the Southside Fitness center is “Delicious Abs,” a cardio class designed specifically for the abs, back and core of the body.

Staff Sgt. Kedist Burnett, an 86th fitness specialist,  has a talent for motivation and encouraging participants. He believes, “We can’t function without these three main muscles. The stronger the core, the easier it is to do your daily routine. The core is defined as a combination of the abdominal circumference and the lower back of the body.”

Each exercise position is demonstrated and Sergeant Burnett moves throughout the class observing each individual to ensure all physical actions are properly consistent with his demonstrated instruction. 

“We must begin where we stand physically. We simply can’t jump into perfection or have delicious abs overnight,” Sergeant Burnett said.   

To reach your personal peak performance in anything, it takes continued work and endurance to reach the individual goals you’ve set. It is a step-by-step,  day-by-day, inward victory that is integral to reaching the desired physical goal. The purpose of the class is to transform our “cerebral” commitment to a “get up and move “commitment.

The delicious abs workout is designed to help those individuals with a weak core and assist in strengthening the lower back.

“We use the core, abs and back for everything we do: running, pushing, turning, lifting, shoving and walking,” Sergeant Burnett said. “The stronger the muscles in the core, the easier for our bodies to function.” 

Many people think the class is for the young or for those physically fit. Not so, said Sergeant Burnett.

“Again I say this class is for everyone because we all need the core to function,” he said.

The class is not designed to break or embarrass anyone, but to help motivate each individual to the next level.

“Many people who regularly utilized the equipment in the weight room come to the delicious abs class, and although they’re in great shape, they find out very quickly that their core is in need of strengthening,” Sergeant Burnett said.

Delicious Abs is taught at the Southside Fitness Center every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:15 to 8:15 p.m. and is open to all ID card-holders. According to AFI 34-266, children must be 6 to 12 years of age in order to accompany you to the gym for class.

The Southside Fitness Center offers several fitness classes throughout the week. To find out more about classes, call 480-0294 or visit