Get Out! Markets, parties, music concerts for you!

by Nicole Karsch-Meibom
Contributing writer

Time to party! With the end of winter, Germany offers many festivals and events near and far. Here are a couple of ideas for the next two months with loads of events, markets and concerts.

In April, many local villages in your vicinity offer small spring markets, fests and events with that special small town athmosphere that makes them so pleasant.

For example, on Sunday and Monday, the SPRING MARKET of Elmstein (67471 Elmstein) takes place right next the the historic railway station. At the stands you can find a typical seasonal selection of products for home and garden. At the same time, Elmstein celebrates the season start of the “Kuckucksbähnle,” a historic steam rail dating back to 1904. The trains run from Neustadt an der Weinstraße to Elmstein through the scenic valleys of the Palatine Forest. More information can be found at

Traben-Trarbach (56841 Traben-Trarbach) has an EASTER AND CREATIVITY MARKET from Saturday to Monday. Then on
April 22, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., aficionados of outdoor sports can meet at the Haus der Nachhaltigkeit in the forest of Trippstadt (Johanniskreuz 1a, 67705 Trippstadt) to celebrate the opening of Natursport Opening Palatine Forrest with loads of opportunities for people of all ages.

Farmers near Darmstadt host the ASPARAGUS FESTIVAL (Steinbrücker Hof, 64331 Weiterstadt) starting April 19, which turns into a strawberry fest one month later.

Moving on to May, many small communities will have a First of May fest literally around their maypole. Traditionally, the young folk from other villages will try to steal the pole to trade it back for beer. There are dances, beer gardens and music accompanying these events.

Also, this time of year marks the beginning of the WINE SEASON, like the Days of the Open Door at Traben-Trarbach (see above, May 17 through 20) when the vineyards offer a tasting of the new Mosel wine, or wine festivals at Landeck castle (76889 Klingenmünster, May 12 and 13), Maikammer (67487 Maikammer, May 16 through 20), Winden (76872 Winden, May 17 through 20), Weisenheim am Berg (67273 Weisenheim, May 17 through 21), Heuchelheim-Klingen (76831 Heuchelheim-Klingen) May 25 through 28), Birkweiler (76831 Birkweiler, May 27 and 28) to name just a few. More events can be found online at

Cosmopolitan areas offer large scale events, such as the annual SPRING FEST IN STUTTGART (see article on Page 12).

Dresden offers the INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL (April 17 through 22,

For those who can’t wait till autumn, the MUNICH SPRING FEST takes place from the end of April until May 6 at the Octoberfest location on the Theresienwiese (
THE BODENSEE FESTIVAL on Lake Constance (May 4 through June 3,
in Friedrichshafen is a must for
lovers of classical music and modern theater.

Also a must is the DRESDEN MUSIC FESTIVAL “Heart of Europe” (May 15 through June 3) with its impressive list of famous orchestras to perform (
So, spring really is the best time of year. So much to see and do!

For more events, visit the following websites: