Going to extremes to save money

by Airman 1st Class Holly Cook
86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

When people first hear the words extreme couponing, they might think of people walking around the commissary with piles of coupons and buying every sale item off the shelf; they imagine the extremes.

Well that’s not always the case. Using organization and group support, families in the KMC are saving money the quick and easy way. “One day I was flipping through channels and came across this show called ‘Extreme Couponing,’” said Tricia Beverly, wife of Army Staff Sgt. Wesley Beverly, 21st Theater Sustainment Command Headquarters material control and accountant supervisor. “So one day, some friends and I were talking and one of them brought up the show. From there we said, “Hey, let’s give it a try.” So we went out that Sunday morning and purchased about two papers and went home and clipped.”

Here in the KMC, couponing has become bigger than ever with the help of this group’s Facebook page and informative classes. “Now there are 550 members and the group is still growing,” said Beverly.

The members of the couponing group spread their knowledge to the public through educational classes where members of the KMC can learn techniques to couponing.

“There are also classes for beginners or anyone who just wants to come out and learn more techniques on couponing in Germany,” said Beverly. “These classes are called ‘Coupons and Coupons.’ They are usually held at the Java Café on Rhine Ordnance Barracks.”

By attending these classes or joining the club, anyone in the KMC can learn how to save money the easy way. A KMC member’s grocery bill will decline with each coupon using these techniques.

“By couponing, I’ve cut my monthly grocery bill in half,” said Beverly. “In a month, I can save anywhere from $200 to $500 with coupons.” Instead of going to the extremes to save on your next purchase, keep it quick and simple by clipping money-saving coupons. Who knows how much you can save on your next shopping trip?