Greetings from new 38th CSW commander

Col. Earl Matthews
38th Combat Support Wing commander

***image1***I am excited and humbled about the opportunity to command the “most diverse wing in USAFE.”  My wife, Nadia, and I feel privileged to join you here in Germany and look forward to carrying on the outstanding work started by my predecessor, Col. Rich Weathers.

If first impressions are any measure, the men and women of the 38th Combat Support Wing are phenomenal. Nadia and I thank you for the warm welcome to the Wing and Germany.   I commend your drive, energy, professionalism and polish. I know you will give 100 percent toward our mission … and I appreciate it.

When I was at basic training many years ago, I saw a sign that I have tried to live up to throughout every day of my career. The sign read “PRIDE,” which was an acronym meaning:  Professional Results In Daily Effort.  At the end of each day, I ask myself if I accomplished “pride” in my job. 
Most days I feel as though I did, although there have been some days where I don’t feel I have fulfilled my promise to myself. So the next day I will double up to make sure I satisfy the challenge I have given myself.  

I would like to invite each and every one of you to give yourself the “pride” challenge. I truly believe that if you are proud of your work, you feel better about yourself.  

I will use my “pride” promise to ensure all 31 geographically separated units located in nine countries throughout the European theater are given the support they require to succeed.  

To all … I salute your past achievements and look forward to sharing those the future holds. Thank you for all you have done and all you will do for our mission, our wing, our Air Force and our Nation.