Hard work deserves an occasional ‘donut’

Col. Gail. A. Keefe
435th Security Forces Group commander

***image1***I believe I have your attention as you are probably wondering what I am going to say about donuts. But, before we get to the ‘food,’ I’d like to offer ‘food for thought’ on people and process.
A job cannot be done without people involved in some way. We may get money out of a machine and never talk to a person while we are doing it, but a person fills the machine with money and a person fixes the machine when it’s broken.
For me, the most fascinating aspect of working in the military are top-notch people from all over the world and watching people from all walks of life come together through adversity to get a job done.
The most important thing we can do as an organization and as supervisors is to take care of those people. We have little control over pay raises and to some extent even ops tempo, but we can say thank you, show interest in an individual’s accomplishments and help them succeed.
We must teach our personnel to work smarter not harder. We have outstanding Airmen, civilians and contractors in the Air Force who strive to improve their job performance, work areas and individual skills.
Supervisors must provide an open environment for our members to try new ways to accomplish the mission.
With their motivation and talent, they will get the job done on time, on target and with little supervision.
I know I am impressed with the level of professionalism, dedication to duty and ingenuity our people display on a daily basis.
However, the hard working members of the world’s finest Air Force also need to relax and take care of themselves. This is where the donuts are important.
I have been a cop for 26 years. I’ve heard every donut joke.
Cops are hard working, dedicated professionals who like dealing with and helping out people. You are truly blessed to have the superb men and women in the 435th Security Forces Group providing you with rock solid force protection and police services in the KMC.
In our busy lives though, we should have a sense of humor and be able to laugh at ourselves. I am your chief of security forces, and I love donuts. Enough said.
Additionally, I consider donuts to be ‘happy food,’ like ice cream, — they make people smile. The ops tempo is high and the work load is demanding here at Ramstein so relax and take a moment to treat yourself to a favorite activity or a food that makes you smile.
Our Air Force is a collection of the most dedicated people I have ever met. We must take care of them, give them the ability to change and improve processes, and we must encourage them to stop and eat the donuts.